Leadership Capital Region Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum qualifications for applicants?

For applicants to be considered for Leadership Capital Region (LCR), individuals must meet the minimum qualifications:

  • Ability to commit the time and resources to fully participate in the program, including the opening retreat, closing session, monthly session days, experientials and class project
  • Cannot be a candidate for public office at the time of application

What will I gain from the program?

  • Increased understanding of the critical issues and opportunities affecting the region and inspiration to produce change
  • Access to top leadership in the region
  • Deeper appreciation of the community at large
  • Value of effective collaboration and working with diverse partners
  • Greater network of friends and colleagues
  • Strengthened leadership skills
  • Graduates find that they are a part of an ever-expanding network of leaders they can call upon for advice and information

Is Leadership Capital Region appropriate for those with various abilities?

Yes. We encourage applicants to apply. All physical activities are “challenge by choice” and are designed so that individuals of all abilities can meaningfully contribute.

What are the program requirements?

Attendance is mandatory for the overnight retreat and closing session in May. Participants are not permitted to miss more than two monthly session days. If a participant is unable to attend the opening retreat and closing session in full, or miss two session days, you will be asked to withdraw from the program. In addition, each participant must attend 7 experientials outside of class time in order to graduate from the program. Experiential opportunities give participants a deeper understanding of nonprofits and businesses and how they affect the community as a whole. Also, each class must reach consensus and come together as a whole to complete a community service project; 100 percent class participation is required. If you do not meet the experiential and class project requirements you will not graduate from the program.

What is the cost of tuition?

Program tuition is $3,100 for chamber members, $3,600 for potential members and $2,500 for small, community-based nonprofits or self-employed that are chamber members of the Capital Region Chamber. Tuition covers the overnight opening retreat, lunch and resource materials for the monthly session days. Each graduate is also provided a complimentary ticket for graduation. Graduation tickets for additional guests are not included.

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