Our region’s workforce matters. Our businesses need resources and access to quality training that will develop, train and inspire them. BusinessU is a trusted resource for staff development that can be found in one convenient place: Your Chamber. 

The Chamber developed BusinessU to serve as a central source to help businesses with their ongoing professional development needs. BusinessU provides a comprehensive approach to employee development and training that will continually adapt to the needs of our region.

We know that employees are a business’ greatest asset, and a well-trained workforce is essential for success in today’s competitive marketplace. Companies of all sizes face the ongoing challenge of keeping employees’ skills current and future-focused. Training programs are an important investment which can pay measurable dividends over years.

foundationFoundational Programs
Provide fundamental knowledge and practical learning that will enhance participants’ competence and confidence to drive true performance in their businesses. Learning happens in multiple sessions spread over time, allowing participants the opportunity to apply what they are learning while receiving expert feedback.

Organizational Leadership is a program designed for senior or executive managers who want to be more effective leading through other leaders. Senior or executive leaders need general manager knowledge and skills; this program provides that as a refresher for some and for those who have not gone through formal training before.

In this program, middle and senior-level managers will build knowledge and confidence to integrate leadership across the major functions of the entire organization. You’ll learn:

  • The components of building a strategy and how to make key strategic decisions
  • How to develop sales targets that drive profitable growth
  • The elements of building the right business development team
  • Tips for designing the right marketing formula
  • The fundamentals of financial reporting and tracking financial conditions
  • How to create the right culture, hire the right people, and provide the right environment for them to thrive
  • The key leadership practices to drive accountability across the organization

Team Leadership is a program designed for team leaders or managers who are responsible for the work of others – most commonly first-level managers with little to no managerial experience. This program can also be a refresher for managers who have been in their roles for some time without formal training.

Participants complete four online modules and attend six live, virtual meetings. In this program, you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare to influence and lead others, even former peers
  • Best practices for analyzing and motivating a team
  • How to adjust your communication style to best fit the audience
  • How to clarify and communicate expectations for your team
  • Best practices for handling team challenges
  • How to drive team accountability
  • To take control and put your own leadership system in place

Personal Leadership program is designed for new employees, whether they’re new to working in business or to your organization. It is also valuable for individual contributors who play an important role as an expert in your organization, but don’t have a full team to collaborate with or are outside of the business’ main flow. The Personal Leadership program can also serve as a boost for promising talent – people in your organization who show signs of leadership and are on track to transition from individual contributor to manager.

Participants complete two online modules and attend four live, virtual meetings. In this program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make sustained, significant contribution to your organization
  • Set personal goals and create a focused plan to achieve them
  • Be a true professional
  • Understand the language of business to understand what leaders are talking about
  • Build great business relationships internally and externally
  • Use communication styles to adapt your approach to influence others and work well together

All Foundational Programs are provided by Mahoney Performance Institute


hot topicHot Topic Clinics
Provide timely exposure and instruction on the most current issues and challenges facing companies in our region. New workshop topics will be identified throughout the year in response to participant demand and the ever-changing needs of business.

The BusinessU Faculty is comprised of the region’s top professionals in their fields, from sales and marketing to human resources to executive management and more.

Our inspiring instructors lead participants through subject matter in an open, encouraging environment. From basics to in-depth content, our experts provide it.

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You’ll get:

  • Time savings and real value
  • Quality of Expertise
  • Timely, relevant business training.

Business happens. We understand the need to offer training to fit your schedule.

Writing a Business Plan

Developing a written business plan is the first step for starting your own company. This will be the blueprint for your business and will describe how you intend to run your operations. It will also show others how you intend to successfully reach your goals.

For a comprehensive guide to writing your business plan, go to

A major component of the Regional Chamber’s Entrepreneur Boot Camp covers the development of a business plan. By the end of the course, participants will have completed drafts of their business plans. E-mail Laura Mann or call 518.431.1430 for more information.