Education and Workforce Development

A skilled and educated workforce is critical to the success of any business or organization.  The Capital Region Chamber is committed to providing opportunities for business to attract, retain, develop and grow the Capital Region workforce by offering a variety of programming including personal and professional development programs and mentoring and networking opportunities – designed to meet diverse and dynamic needs of the community.


Companies of all sizes face the ongoing challenge of keeping employees’ skills current and future-focused. Training programs are an important investment which can pay measurable dividends over years. BusinessU provides a comprehensive approach to employee development and training that will continually adapt to the needs of our region.
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Employee Development

Programs of the Chamber and our affiliate the Center for Economic Growth are developed to educate and train individuals to meet the needs of current and future business and industry in order to maintain a sustainable competitive economic environment.

Industry & Education Partnerships

Our team and our partners are dedicated to building a skilled workforce, strengthening our education and workforce pipeline, and cultivating a strong and diverse workforce ecosystem to support the growth of regional companies. Through various programs and services, such as industry-focused networks facilitated by the Chamber and CEG, we enable companies to collaborate, share resources, and generate innovative ideas for mutual benefit.

Workforce Development Stakeholders

The chamber has a number of workforce development members, all of which work towards the greater goal of ensuring a strong pipeline of highly skilled, educated workers that can meet the needs of our growing businesses, industries, and organizations.