Capital Region Chamber Strategic Plan

The Capital Region is one economic marketplace that must compete globally. Our businesses and communities can’t take prosperity for granted. We must challenge the status quo. We must venture boldly.

Our communities are dependent upon each other for success; we are stronger when working in unison to ensure that the Capital Region realizes its true economic potential. As our region prospers, we must ensure that our core cities ascend.

The Chamber’s strategic plan commits to business leadership across Albany, Saratoga, Schenectady and Rensselaer Counties for continuous improvement and meaningful advancement of the economic vitality of our Capital Region communities.

This 2017-2020 plan is designed to provide strategic direction for the Chamber. It is not meant to be static. The organization must be nimble to respond to lessons learned, as well as to emerging issues and opportunities.

Strategic Priorities

Talent Development

  • Enable our businesses to attract and develop their human capital.
  • Develop resources and provide support to aid companies in their workforce recruitment and staff development strategies.
  • Promote the competitive advantage of a diverse and inclusive workforce and region.


  • Provide leadership and a united voice to assertively advocate on issues, policies and projects that will improve our business climate, quality of place and the competitiveness of our region and state.
  • Proactively research issues, pending legislation and regulation; take positions and advocate on public policy affecting the regional economy.
  • Identify key public policy priorities and engage membership and community in grassroots support.
  • Recognize localized issues while championing regional approaches to enhance the economic vitality of our Capital Region communities.
  • Collaborate with other organizations, assuming leadership when appropriate, to achieve public policy objectives.

Business Growth

  • Provide resources to fuel growth for businesses regardless their stage of development.
  • Provide solutions, technical assistance and loan programs to help businesses grow.
  • Develop an initiative focused on fast-growing businesses and companies that have a disproportionally high impact on the regional economy.
  • Seek synergies and leverage organizations and governmental agencies engaged in economic development to maximize effectiveness.