Strategic Plan

The Capital Region is one economic marketplace that must compete globally. Our communities are dependent upon each other for success; therefore, we are stronger when working in unison as a region to realize our true potential.

We must challenge the status quo. We must venture boldly. We commit to business leadership as we implement strategies to position the region as the location of choice for people and private sector investment. As our region prospers, we must ensure that all residents have access to opportunity.

The Capital Region Chamber, through its leadership, actions, and community collaboration, is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We embrace the unique perspectives and contributions of all people. We value and respect diversity in terms of individuals’ education, opinions, culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, nation of origin, age, languages spoken, veteran’s status, color, disability, and religion. Accordingly, diversity, equity, and inclusion will be embedded in our work.

This 2022-2026 plan provides a strategic framework for the Chamber and the Center for Economic Growth. The plan is not meant to be static; we will respond to lessons learned, as well as to emerging issues and opportunities. Each year tactics will be developed and implemented to advance core strategies.

Strategic Priorities

People/Workforce Development

Develop and support a robust and equitable talent/workforce ecosystem 

  • Develop resources to address workforce development and upskilling needs, as well as help businesses fully access all segments of the region’s labor pool. 
  • Initiate increased collaboration between the business community with early childhood development, K-12, higher education, and workforce development organizations to align strategies to address critical needs and opportunities.  
  • Market the region to attract talent and provide support to aid companies in their workforce recruitment strategies. 

Economic Development

Cultivate shared economic prosperity by helping develop, grow, and attract businesses that invest in the region and create jobs.

  • Provide resources, technical assistance, and connections to advance entrepreneurship and drive the growth of existing businesses.
  • Market the region to attract businesses with a focus on key industry clusters.
  • Develop targeted initiatives to help accelerate the growth of businesses that have encountered barriers of inequities.
  • Leverage partnerships with state and local economic organizations, governmental agencies, academia, and private sector stakeholders to maximize economic impact.
  • Develop and implement strategic initiatives that prepare the region to compete.


Provide leadership and a united voice to assertively advocate for issues, policies and projects that will create, and support successful businesses, prosperous communities, and shared opportunities for all that call the Capital Region home.

  • Proactively research issues, pending legislation and regulation; take positions and advocate on public policy affecting businesses and well-being of our region.
  • Support strategies and investments that will enhance community placemaking, quality of life and economic growth.
  • Convene the private and public sector, and nonprofit community, when appropriate, to address key issues, even when there may be division due to political and social fragmentation.
  • Recognize localized issues while championing regional approaches to enhance the economic vitality of our Capital Region communities.