CapitalRegionChamber_PAC_RGBPolitical Action Committee (PAC)

The Capital Region Business Political Action Committee (PAC) of the Capital Region Chamber enables the business community to participate in the political process to promote a favorable business climate and quality life throughout the Capital Region and New York.

The Regional Chamber has a focused legislative agenda and is at the Capitol representing your interests to make the Capital Region and New York State more competitive to retain and create jobs. The PAC provides dedicated resources to better position the organization to have a greater impact on legislative matters. It sends a powerful message about the unity of the Capital Region business community. There is strength in numbers and the PAC allows us to pool resources to advocate for good public policy.

The PAC does not endorse candidates; rather, it makes it possible for the Regional Chamber to participate in appropriate political events for elected officials who support policies for positive economic growth. Accordingly, contributions are distributed on a nonpartisan basis and for advocacy on issues of importance to the region’s business community.

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