Your business has an advocate that speaks your language. At the Chamber, we work tirelessly to shape policies, ideas and opportunities to improve the business environment. Our relentless advocacy supports members of all sizes and types. We bring a strong and influential voice on behalf of business to the table. We are especially engaged in influencing polices that make the Capital Region more competitive and lead to job creation.

During his regional State of the State addresses, the Governor offered 35 proposals. As soon as more details are released on each one, the Chamber will review them. Until then, the Chamber’s general positions on several key proposals of particular importance to the Capital Region are provided here.

Learn more about our 2017 Legislative Session accomplishments below in our 2017 Legislative Session Wrap-up, or flip through the e-booklet below.


Contact Tom O’Connor at 518.431.1413 to learn more about our advocacy work.