October 30, 2019

Silver Screen CoWorks Opens in Latham

The Chamber, along with Ambassadors, family, friends, clients and property managers were all on hand to welcome Silver Screen CoWorks to 1202 Troy Schenectady Road in Latham on Tuesday, October 29.

The owners, Anthony and Kaila Troia, are delighted to announce their newest business venture, Silver Screen Coworks!

The Capital Region’s newest addition to the Coworking scene, Silver Screen Coworks boasts all the amenities of the larger spaces in a stylish and intimate setting where members are treated to personalized attention.

The owners, Anthony and Kaila Troia are no strangers to creating a successful business. Through their web design business Capital District Digital, they have created over 100 websites for businesses within the Capital District with more than a dozen currently in development.

The reputation of this husband and wife duo speaks for itself, with a joint experience portfolio that includes a design degree from RPI along with personal mentoring from media moguls.

Inspired to build their own space after joining the Troy Innovation Garage in December 2017, they realized that workspaces were no longer required to emulate the stuffy corporate formula that has been propagated for years. In fact, work can be ENJOYABLE when people are given the right environment in which to thrive.

Finding the right location, however, was key. Thanks to their business relationship with Richard G. Rosetti, they found the opportunity they had been waiting for. From the exposed steel-frame celling to the spotlights that were reminiscent of the theater it once had been, Anthony and Kaila knew immediately that this unique location was perfect.

After months of tireless design work, decision making and waiting patiently, Silver Screen Coworks finally opened its doors to the entrepreneurs of the Capital Region!

Anthony and Kaila believe that Coworking is the future of small-to medium sized businesses looking for a cost-effective way to manage and cross-network, all while exhibiting professionalism and legitimacy.

Which is why they warmly welcome people of all industries to their space and greatly look forward to meeting and working with you all!