July 31, 2020

Share your Story for Voices in the Crowd

Our theme for this year’s Voices in the Crowd is “The Journey Through the Lens of Race, Class, and Culture; Inspiration for Hope and Change.” We are sharing stories from people in our community who have overcome adversity, seen something and said something, didn’t think they had a voice and finally felt heard, or went from feeling invisible to being seen. So many have said “I just didn’t know.” So let’s come together to truly listen to one another, unify and embrace change. #BlackLivesMatter

Submit Your Story!

In preparation for our Voices in the Crowd event, we want to hear from you! Please share your story and you could be chosen to be featured as a speaker at our event on November 3. Your story should be told from your heart, in a short concise manner, 2 minutes total. No cliffhangers please! Your story should in some way tie back to business in order to align with the true mission of the Women’s Business Council.

Everyone is welcome to share/pitch a story, not only those who identify as women.

  • Call our Voices in the Crowd Submission Portal at 518.313.6339.
  • Be prepared to share the following via voice message: Name, phone number, email address, your story- in a short, 2 minute pitch

Deadline for Submissions: August 7, 2020

Chosen “Voices in the Crowd” will be notified by September 15, 2020.

Reference story telling tips and tricks from Moth Radio, our inspiration for this event!