April 12, 2017

Microenterprise Grant “Souper” for Local Deli Owner

Albany County Cares about our businesses and local business owners. The latest example came this morning at Kate’s Corner Deli in Green Island as Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy presented owner Kate Hebert with a check for over $21,000. Hebert is one of four local business owners to receive Microenterprise Grant Awards. Albany County and the Capital Region Chamber have partnered to award approximately $200,000 from a block grant from NYS Homes and Community Renewal to provide assistance to start-up businesses that create entrepreneurial opportunities or jobs.

“Owning a small business requires a combination of ambition, grit and determination, sometimes taking on multiple roles in an effort to keep things running smoothly,” said County Executive McCoy. “The contribution a local business makes to the community is significant to our neighbors and our economy and I couldn’t be happier to play a part in giving our small business owners a hand.”

“Small businesses are the backbone of our communities and provide necessary quality of life amenities for our residents. The Albany County Microenterprise Program gives small business owners, some whom invest their life savings to start their dream business, an opportunity for a head start on the track toward financial stability,” said Sean Ward, Chairman of the Legislature. “Kate’s work ethic and desire to maintain and grow her deli business in our Village has been a great attraction in Green Island and has added a much needed lunch and dinner spot for residents and local employees to eat. Congratulations Kate and thank you County Executive McCoy for your leadership.”

“I commend the County Executive and Legislature for pursuing this grant program. Our Chamber is proud to administer it on their behalf. This Microenterprise Program not only provides financial resources to help area small businesses grow, but it also demonstrates a vote of confidence and local commitment to their success.” said Mark Eagan, CEO of Capital Region Chamber.

“This investment from Albany County is incredibly valuable as we expand upon our success here at Kate’s Corner Deli,” said Hebert. “We are proud to be serving our loyal customers from the Green Island community in our fourth year now, and look forward to growing thanks to this support. Come visit us for lunch!”

Microenterprise grants have been awarded to the following businesses so far:
Tidy Thyme, Altamont, Michele Boyle $11,309.55
New Scotland PT, Slingerlands, Mollie Dambrocia $20,540.00
Kate’s Corner Deli, Green Island, Kathleen Herbert $21,894.24
Cake Street Sweets, Cohoes, Kayla Renfroe $28,177.87