March 31, 2022

Member Spotlight: Yamaris (Mari) Cancel, Owner of The Planter LLC Wants to Change the World with Plants!

Mari grew up in Upstate New York surrounded by nature and its beauty. She fell in love with plants and gardening which was the impetus for her opening the Planter originally in Orlando, FL. She’s brought her business back to a region of the country she loves, and the Planter is now in Cohoes, NY.

The Planter is more than just a place to purchase plants, but as Mari states on her website it’s “Where Your Plant Parenthood Journey Starts”. She offers Daily Terrarium Workshops, as well as other special events such as Paint & Plant, Macrame classes and Plant Clinics. One of the most popular events is the “Anything but a Planter.” In this workshop people bring in their own vessels such as shoes, tea pots, cookie jars and even blenders. Anything but a planter can be used to create a unique home for their plant(s).

The workshops hosted by Mari and her team, sets the Planter apart from other shops. During regular business hours, customers may walk in and build a terrarium. No appointments are necessary. Not only does the Planter offer daily workshops, but can host private parties, have pop-ups at local breweries and provide other special planting workshops. No other shop in the capital region offers these walk-in workshops. They are unique and fun that anyone can do, even if you don’t have a green thumb. Each customer is given instructions and care information for their new plant(s).

One of the best compliments Mari received was from customers who had little to no plant knowledge and left the store feeling more prepared to care for their plants. They were so appreciative of their learning experience at the shop and have come back to learn even more. Her shop has become an outlet in the community where people come can come in and learn about plants. In the store people share their experiences, learn, and make friends within their community.

Since the Planter is a new business in the area, the Capital Region Chamber has been a wonderful resource to network and build relationships with other businesses, in addition to tapping into specific skill building programs to grow as a business owner. The Chamber also helped to promote the Planter by hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony on November 4, 2021.

Mari enjoys working and living in the capital region because of its sense of community and support for local businesses. Other businesses have partnered with the Planter to provide new workshops or products. Instead of being viewed as competitors, businesses are supportive of each other wanting the community to grow.

Yamaris (Mari) Cancel, Owner of the Planter LLC