March 29, 2023

Member Spotlight: Trustco Bank

Trustco was founded in 1902 in Schenectady, NY as the Schenectady Trust Company. They have over 148 branches spanning NY, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Jersey, and Florida.

Trustco is known as the “hometown bank” meaning they might have lots of locations but are still servicing customers as if they are only a few locations strong. Customer service is their bread and butter. Anytime you call a branch you will always get a response from an associate who will be able to answer your question.

Customer service is how they pride themselves. They will always pick up the phone whenever you call, and they are always staffing their branches with knowledgeable staff who are willing to go the extra mile for their customers.

Trustco employees attend the Capital Region Chamber networking events to better familiarize themselves with the surrounding businesses. Meeting new people and building good connections are what will drive business in our modern age. The Capital Region Chamber is an excellent source of networking events and a wealth of knowledge and resources. The Capital Region is an amazing hub to get wherever you need to go.

One of my most their memorable client stories to share was working with a customer to renew their CD with Trustco, both the husband and wife were deaf. The customers appreciated their employees knowledge of sign language to facilitate their transaction and told them that they will always come back whenever they have any questions.