February 27, 2020

Member Spotlight: ReWire Energy

L to R: Alan Evans, Kenneth Evans, Lee Evans and Milton Evans of ReWire Energy

As an advocate for the regional business community, the Chamber – through its leadership, educational programming and community collaboration – is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. By engaging individuals reflective of the full spectrum of our region, businesses advance innovation and productivity and gain competitive advantage. This week we are happy to feature ReWire Energy in the member spotlight.

As an African American business owner, in what ways do you draw on inspiration from Black History in your current business practices? How have historical stories from Black History, particularly related to business, inspired/informed the way you approach your business?

“ReWire Energy is a local, family owned, certified NY Minority Business Enterprise, energy advisory firm. Our parents, whose families grew up as sharecroppers in the south, emphasized education and a strong work ethic as we were growing up. In fact, my father Milton was the first one to go to college in his family. He became a chemist who holds 26 patents and eventually became an executive at GE. It’s not surprising that one of the Black historical figures that embodies our ethos and has inspired our business practices is the most prominent Black scientist of the early 20th century, George Washington Carver. In addition to being a scientist, GWC was an environmentalist and an educator. Our energy business is based on keeping up with technology, educating our customers and innovating when necessary to match our business model to the ever-changing marketplace. It is the endearing legacy of men like GWC who in 1896 became a professor for 47 years at Tuskegee Institute (now Tuskegee Institute, my father’s alma mater) and continues to inspire Black entrepreneurs to this day.”

We notice that you have a philanthropic angle to your business model where you help not-for-profits. Can you talk a little more about this model and why you view it as an integral part of your business model? Why do you place importance on giving back?

“There are many excellent reasons why companies establish “giveback programs.” Many examples are well-known and include positive branding, attracting new talent, gaining customer support, free publicity and networking opportunities to name a few. However, ReWire’s inspiration was specifically in honor of the wife and mother of the partners. Corella Evans was very noted for giving back in her home, community, church and to many other valuable, effective institutions and organizations. The family is extremely thankful for all the support she received in working and contributing to these entities. Corella was a wonderful wife and mother and a very caring person. She richly deserves this legacy.”