June 8, 2023

Member Spotlight: Rachel Malik International

Rachel Malik International was founded in 2023 and operates across the Capital Region and UK. From a young age, Rachel always knew she wanted to own her own businesses.

An interesting fact about the business that most people don’t know is what Coaching actually is! A good Coach won’t tell you what to do, they act as a thought partner to help you find the answer and reach your goals. As a trained Linguist, Rachel harnesses the power of language to challenge her clients’ thinking – our words create worlds.

One thing the business is known for, over their competitors is tapping into their currency of experience (as a Gen Z/Millennial in the workforce) to inform retention strategy and using this as a basis for a different kind of Coaching relationship. Their mission is to future proof businesses to retain and develop the next generation of professionals. This starts with recognizing the value of intergenerational workplaces and creating an environment where every employee is valued.

Rachel is an active member of the Women’s Business Council (Engagement Committee) and Co-chair of the Young Professional’s Network Campus Connect. Rachel has also been a Mentor on the 2022/2023 Executive Mentoring program.

Rachel’s favorite part about living/working in the Capital region is the people! As a new face in the Capital Region who relocated here twelve months ago with no connections, Rachel has been welcomed by people’s friendliness and willingness to engage. Opportunities to connect have led to Rachel serving on the local chapter of the International Coaching Federation Upstate New York Board.

Rachel is fortunate to occupy a privileged position as a Coach and sees the transformation in her clients first-hand:

‘I enjoyed how much of a peer conversation this was. You have completely blown my mind with that question – I haven’t thought about it like that before.’

‘Rachel is a fantastic, constructive and challenging coach. Our sessions were insightful, and her ability to get under the surface and tease out what matters is phenomenal. Coaching with Rachel left me motivated and capable of achieving my goals.’