September 17, 2020

Member Spotlight: Dr. Blair Psychology, LLC

Dr. Blair Psychology, LLC opened for business on January 1, 2020.

An interesting fact is that I moved my private practice from a physical location to online/telehealth literally overnight in March 2020. I didn’t originally plan to move completely online; however, I feel extremely fortunate to have had systems in place to allow me to do so, as well as great clients who continue to place their trust in my care.

Specifically, I’m known for integrating a mind-body-spirit lens, through mindfulness training, mental health therapy, and spiritual counsel. Mental health does not occur in a vacuum; being able to view and help clients through a multidimensional lens, which includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, is crucial.

If I’m not with a client, I could be found writing! I spread Little Leaves of Wisdom on my wellness blog at I write poetry, short story, and emphasize mindfulness and self-care. You will even find writing exercises if you’re interested in further exploring your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences!

The nicest thing a client has ever said to me came in the form of a personally written poem and a short story. During my last individual therapy session with each of these clients, they shared their experience in therapy with me in an incredibly heartfelt way. I teared up and let them know how meaningful it was to witness them on their healing journey.

The Capital Region Chamber has been a valuable resource in the growth of my business. I completed (and won!) the 2019 Spring Entrepreneur Boot Camp with a number of other start-up and burgeoning entrepreneurs. We had the opportunity to meet and further conversations with individuals across varied fields, including legal, marketing, financial, business, accounting, diversity, human resources, and social media sectors. The beautiful thing about the Capital Region Chamber is that everyone wants to help and be a part of others’ growth and success, including the challenges every business faces along the way.