July 8, 2021

Member Spotlight: Angelo Mazzone

photo of Angelo MazzoneAngelo Mazzone founded his business in 1980 – it began as a small diner in Schenectady with four employees. He had two mottos as his company grew. The first was to have great food and service and don’t worry about the money – it will come if we deliver the food and service. The second was to get the business and then we’ll figure it out.

Known for quality and service, Mazzone has built exceptional hospitality into their culture. Says Angelo, “It’s the core of our business and has become what people expect from our events.”

Angelo went on to say that “We’ve always considered the Chamber a partner and a very instrumental part of our growth. I was very involved with the Chamber of Schenectady County, and I also worked on the merger of the Albany and Schenectady Chambers coming together. Throughout the years, there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of connections through the Chamber!”

The nicest thing a client has ever said to Angelo about the Mazzone’s service? “When a bride tells me that her wedding day was the best day of her life and that she wouldn’t have changed anything – that’s what it’s all about!”