September 8, 2015

‘IsItOn’ Web Application Provides ‘Text Generation’ With Information at Their Fingertips

The University at Albany community will soon be able to stay informed on a wide range of campus events by simply texting a keyword – thanks to Matthew Jaslove.

Jaslove, a junior at UAlbany, has developed a web-based software management/planning application called “IsItOn.” The application offers University groups/organizations the ability to promote events through text message blasts. Its portal also provides a centralized location to organize/archive information.

UAlbany students use the application by texting a specified keyword – created by event organizers – to the “IsItOn” phone number. An example would be “ABLE” (Albany Business Leaders Emerging).

Once received, an automated message is delivered. Details include the sponsoring organization’s name, event description, time, date, and location. From that point, the sponsoring group/organization can send reminders or any event updates through text message blast, should the user opt-in to receive continued notifications.

Jaslove believes his application helps solve the problem of “e-mail clutter” that many students experience. More importantly, the platform offers the University community an easy way to stay informed on a wide range of events happening on campus.

“This is the first app of its kind. Nothing currently exists at UAlbany, where, by simply texting a keyword, students can find out about upcoming campus events,” Jaslove said. “For my generation at least, I believe text message alerts are more efficient than email. They appear as push notifications on our phone, while emails get lost in our inbox.”

“IsItOn” is currently in the beta testing phase, but available to the public. Various UAlbany organizations have already began utilizing its technology including ABLE and UAlbany SWAP (Swipe with a Purpose).

“I’ve always been interested in business and entrepreneurship. I’m excited about this software – it’s a pretty innovative idea,” Jaslove said. “My hope is to continue developing this application for the UAlbany campus community, and universities across the country, to utilize for years to come.”

Student groups or organizations interested in using “IsItOn” for upcoming events can visit the application’s official website. Those looking to speak with Jaslove for additional information can email him at