April 6, 2020

Common Energy Provides Opportunities for Those Affected by Coronavirus

Common Energy is offering those affected by the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) new at-home employment opportunities. The company works with official state-supported programs to provide households and businesses guaranteed savings on their electricity and is hiring consultants to bring lower cost clean energy to their communities.

Consultants perform a critical role at Common Energy by educating and enrolling households and businesses in the company’s savings program. Each person who enrolls receives guaranteed savings and lowers emissions. All enrollments are done through the consultant’s website and requires no in-person contact. Positions are commission-based and the company provides expert online training. Successful consultants should expect to earn more than $1,000 per week.

“This crisis has affected many people and we are glad to be able to offer an income opportunity that provides guaranteed savings and real environmental impact,” said Common Energy CEO Richard Keiser.

Positions are available in central, upstate and western New York, and across the state of Maryland. Interested parties can apply at