June 8, 2018

Cinque Chiropractic Officially Opens in Schenectady

The Chamber, along with its Ambassadors and surrounded by supportive friends and family, all helped welcome Alexa Cinque and her new practice to Schenectady!

Alexa recently graduated and this is her first practice. With that comes innovation, enthusiasm and a strong work ethic. She truly is a believer in helping others better their way of life.

At Cinque Chiropractic, Alexa aims to help everyone feel comfortable and well-informed. Not only is it their objective to provide relief care, but allow people’s bodies to heal to its maximum potential to prevent symptoms from returning. Education is a big part of what one will experience at Cinque Chiropractic by walking individuals step by step throughout their care. Every patient goes through an initial comprehensive exam, report of finding where together Alexa and the patient will discuss and come up with a customized care plan. As a chiropractor focusing on the spine and nervous system it allows the body to reach maximum healing through a chiropractic adjustment, in which the body is able to heal itself. This innate intelligence that the body has runs on a series of systems that rely on proper balance and coordination to function correctly. At Cinque Chiropractic not only will you get symptom relief but achieve overall wellness and restore health in your life.

With her happy spirit and drive we know that Alexa will be successful for years to come.  Call her today at 518-377-5300 and start feeling good again!