August 3, 2015

Business Mentor NY 2.0 Has Successful First Month

Business Mentor NY launched its new version of in June. The new site incorporates the feedback they received from their community of users. The main changes to the site are focused on three key areas:

  • Communication: Users can now have conversations with potential matches before committing to a mentoring relationship. Are you interested in a user’s profile, but not sure if he or she has the specific expertise that you need? Now you can ask. The new site allows open-ended conversations, so you can get to know your prospective matches. The better you know a prospective mentor or mentee before you start a relationship, the more likely you’ll have a productive partnership.
  • Sign-up Flow: The new sign-up process is easier than ever! Now, when you register for Business Mentor NY, you will complete a streamlined one-page questionnaire to generate your public profile. Even better, you can link your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Accounts to set up your account, saving you time in the process!
  • Matching: The new sorting algorithm will help in your search, to find the most relevant users based on your specific business needs, industry and location. And mentor profiles now display  badges indicating their activity level. For more information on how the badges work, please click here!

Business Mentor NY is thrilled to announce that these changes have already resulted in an increase in mentoring relationships! Since the new site launched, there have been over 175 conversations, and nearly 75 percent of these matches have become mentoring relationships.