June 23, 2021

ADNET Technologies Launches New Cybersecurity Firm MachBlue Defense

ADNET Technologies, a managed IT services provider with offices in Connecticut and New York, announced the launch of MachBlue Defense LLC, a new cybersecurity firm formed in response to the rising threats targeting organizations of all types, especially those that manage highly sensitive data or operate critical infrastructure. The new company will facilitate collaboration with other IT firms and consultancies that need a partner to provide their clients with specialized or enhanced security services. With hiring plans underway, MachBlue is actively recruiting more cybersecurity professionals to grow its team.

“With cybercriminals striking with greater severity and frequency than ever before, we felt a responsibility to take action and do something big and different, given our unique capabilities in the market,” said Christopher Luise, who will serve as CEO of MachBlue Defense. “We’re not only adding talent to our already deep bench of cybersecurity experts; we’re launching a brand-new enterprise that goes beyond what traditional security solutions are capable of providing. Leveraging our decades of experience, MachBlue Defense will deploy tested-and-proven processes backed by a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center.

“This new firm will be equipped with the team, technology and resources to defend against the constantly evolving cyber threats businesses face every day,” Luise added.

Specialized Services to Meet Urgent Cybersecurity Needs

MachBlue Defense will focus on providing “Blue Team” cybersecurity services – an industry term that means it will develop, implement and manage security infrastructure while also providing essential services enabled by its 24/7/365 Security Operations Center, such as active monitoring, maintenance and rapid incident response. The company’s name refers to the “Mach” speed with which it can deploy “Blue Team” security solutions for clients.

For decades, ADNET’s team has been trusted by companies in high-risk industries, such as defense, law, healthcare, transportation and government services. The company has achieved and maintained SOC 2 Type II compliance, and the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Accreditation Body (CMMC-AB) has designated it as a Registered Provider Organization. Tim Weber, who has been named Director of Operations for MachBlue Defense, is a CMMC-AB Registered Practitioner. As MachBlue’s parent company, ADNET will apply its emphasis on certified, credentialed and specialized service to the new firm’s operations.

With the technical expertise to serve organizations that manage highly sensitive data, MachBlue will provide services scalable to the needs of organizations of virtually any size or industry.

“We won’t limit access to our services and capabilities. Our commitment to protect organizations from cyberattacks ranges from small businesses and local governments to the largest, most complex global enterprises,” Weber said.

Collaborative, Empathetic Approach to Security Solutions

“We’re especially excited about launching MachBlue Defense because it will open up opportunities to team up with other IT providers to implement robust cybersecurity systems for organizations most in need of strong protections and around-the-clock support,” Weber added. “We believe collaboration is an underutilized resource in the fight against cyberattacks.”

In addition to partnering with IT firms, MachBlue’s team will also work directly with clients that have existing relationships with Managed Service Providers, with a focus on preventing any disruption to existing client-vendor relationships.

“Empathy will also be a hallmark of MachBlue’s client engagements. We understand the emotional toll cybersecurity incidents can have on people,” Luise said. “That’s why our MachBlue team will emphasize responsiveness, respect and understanding – people-first values that lead to trusted, long-term relationships.”