“As a small business owner in the Capital Region, I feel lucky to be part of a community where small businesses are supported and welcomed.  I hope someday I am able to motivate and inspire others in the same way. Thank you to everyone that keeps this program going. I am just a small example of how dreams do come true when you are given the direction, support and leadership from those who have done it before you!  Thank you!”

– Jennifer Rittner, Three Chicks & a P

“The Entrepreneur Boot Camp was such an important part of my plan and my current success. I feel as if I have made great connections, internalized great habits and formulated important operations/policies/protocols for my business and my life. The bonus of having the Chamber in my corner is invaluable. Ten weeks wasn’t long enough.”

– Sheilah Sable, Call Sheilah!

“About six months before I started the Entrepreneur Boot Camp, I had quit my unfulfilling sales job to pursue my passion – video production. While I had the creative skills to succeed in the field, I lacked the business knowledge needed to run a small business. As entrepreneurs, it can be hard to take time out each week to think strategically about the future of a company, but I am so glad that I did. The Entrepreneur Boot Camp – or the ‘mini MBA’ as I called it — was the smartest investment I’ve made in my company to date.”

– Dale Mattison, 32 Mile Media


Taking the Chamber’s Entrepreneurial Boot Camp Class is the best business decision and investment I have made.”

– Michelle Boyle, Tidy Thyme


“I am so glad that I took this course and want you to know how much I value the Chamber, the program and the program facilitator. I am so grateful for this as Pause Gallery moves from a dream to a reality.”

– Gail Snitkoff, Pause Gallery

“I had the background, experience, and passion to bring good to the world! What I didn’t have was the realization that being a small business owner required more that than just expertise in your craft.  It required an understanding of financials, forecasting, marketing, networking and all the other aspects that go along with turning your business dream into a viable business. The Capital Region Chamber Entrepreneurial Boot Camp not only provided the opportunity to build and acquire the vital areas of running a business, but also provided an amazing opportunity to meet and work with other new entrepreneurs in start-up mode.  Additionally, it provided numerous opportunities to learn from and network with those small business owners who blazed the trail before us. It is run by an amazing facilitator who truly cares about each entrepreneur and goes above and beyond to help bring about success for every participant. She demonstrated this over and over again with her encouragement, suggestions, and the countless hours dedicated to meeting with anyone who wanted her help. I highly recommend the Boot Camp to anyone who is serious about becoming a small business owner!”

– Lisa Henkel, Pathways to Academic Excellence

“The Entrepreneur Boot Camp is an exceptional value and far exceeded my expectations. The class is extremely balanced in its offerings and has a business model that I wish other educational programs would adopt. The fusion of textbook instruction, business professional presentations, group exercises and Chamber support is a unique recipe for solid education. I couldn’t wait for each next class!”

– Angela Cuozzo, Cuozzo Creative

“First of all let me just say thank you! I wasn’t really sure about the class at first when my dad told me about it. But boy was I wrong! This class has given me motivation to make my business the real deal. before hand it was just something that I knew I wanted to do. Now, I’m actually doing it. This whole thing is actually happening and I cant be more excited.”

– Kate Phillips, Twist-It Designs