Capital Region Advancement Fund Success Stories

Yono, Donna Purnomo and Dominick Purnomo standing at bar“Nothing in our 38-year history with Yono’s and 14 + years with dp an American Brasserie, both in downtown Albany, prepared us for the prolonged uncertainty and devastation caused by COVID-19. The terms of the Capital Region Advancement Fund Loan are simply unbeatable. The loan eased the stress and pressure of the day-to-day operating expenses. The Chamber kept everything moving forward and was extremely responsive and proactive during the entire process. We are beyond grateful to have had this sustaining bridge to the better days that we know are coming.”

Donna J. Purnomo, co-owner, Yono’s and dp an American Brasserie

Catherine Hover“Through the last year in business, creating a sense of certainty for my employees and customers has been difficult and with the long lasting effects of Covid-19, the Chamber’s Capital Region Advancement Fund will further support our survival through this experience. The process from application to funding was seamless and the customer service unparalleled. The Chamber staff was in constant communication throughout the entire process making it stress free and the easiest loan application I’ve experienced, even at a time when my energy levels have been depleted. I hope in the future we will not have to rely so heavily on the Chamber in this way, but I know they will be there to support us, no matter the circumstance.”

Catherine Hover, Founder, Saratoga Paint and Sip Studio/Palette Café

photo of two girls posing with artwork

“Without question, the pandemic has exacted a heavy toll on small businesses, and ours is no exception. SilverGraphics offers fundraising solutions to elementary schools across the country. When schools closed, our business came to a near standstill. We realized a need to quickly adapt to virtual online platforms. This meant upgrading our website and equipment at a time of decreased cash flow. The low interest Advancement Fund loan will help us stay relevant and meet the needs of our clients. We are very grateful for the Capital Region Chamber and their investment in the success of local businesses like ours. In turn, we can continue our mission to help schools raise funds for needed supplies, equipment, technology, and other student support services.”

Betty Dufresne, owner, SilverGraphics Studios 

“The Advancement Fund saved my business! Because I was able to deal with a person who cared (Director, Business Lending John Skrobela), I was guided through a painless process that enabled me to obtain the funds needed to perform needed repairs on our vessel and get ready to reopen in 2021, with a good chance to get back on our feet.”

Captain Marla Hodge, Captain/Owner, Mohawk Maiden Cruises