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Nonprofit Training Track: Your Website-Creating an Optimized Road Map That’s Accessible to All

May 16, 2018
8:00am - 10:00am

Imagine trying to find your local pharmacy, but there are no roads to get there. If you create a website for your business but don’t build the roads to get there (SEO), it’s like having a “road closed” sign.
92% of all organic search traffic comes from the first page of search results and 33% of search traffic comes from the first organic search listing.  This conversation will cover Search Engine Optimization (SEO) fundamentals and tips on how to best optimize your website for relevant, organic traffic.
Now, imagine going to that same local pharmacy to fill a prescription, but instead of a door, you face a brick wall. How can you fill your prescription? You can’t.  In digital spaces, this is an all-to-frequent reality for people with disabilities. You wouldn’t deny a customer access to your products or services if they were physically present, but you may unknowingly be denying them access online. Non-profit organizations that receive government funding are subject to the same accessibility regulations as government agencies.
The second portion of this program will cover a broad stroke of what web accessibility is, who it impacts, and why it is important for your organization. You will learn easy ways to check your own website for things that create barriers and prevent people from accessing your information.
Attendees who register at least two weeks prior to the event will receive a free website analysis detailing three specific issues impacting the user experience on their website.

Instruction by: Julie Perkins and Jessica Korkue, Advance Media NY


Capital Region Chamber
5 Computer Drive South Colonie , NY

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