October 2, 2019

Member Spotlight: Send Me Waffles

“Waffles reimagined.” That is the tagline used by the newly-established business Send Me Waffles, which was started by Ilene Friedman in 2019. Described by one customer as the result of a soft pretzel and a donut having a baby, the idea for the concept came to Friedman after running a half marathon in Durham, NC a few years ago. The race ended in a food truck rodeo. The longest line? Waffles. As they say, “the rest is history.”

Send Me Waffles is unique because not only can you send someone a box of waffles, but you can also enjoy them with decadent toppings like Chocolate ButterCrunch “Gold Dust” by Uncle Sam’s Candy or Crown Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Organic Maple Syrup.

What separates Send Me Waffles from other waffles? They are a yeast-based waffle that go through multiple rising processes, producing a dense sweet waffle unlike anything you’ve ever tried. They use as many local, high quality ingredients as possible, which  contributes to the depth of taste.

Ilene Friedman is a graduate of the Fall 2018 Entrepreneur Boot Camp and came in third place in the business plan competition. Through Boot Camp and other Chamber networking events she has met other businesspeople who are supportive of her business and want to see her succeed. She’s gotten some great reviews, including one from FussyLittleBlog, which read “these are absolutely a fun and unique gift that would be delightful to receive and a pleasure to send. There is so much crap that people send mail order, it’s incredible to see something that’s made from real ingredients.”

Interested in trying these waffles for yourself or sending them as a gift? Check out their website here: