July 2, 2018

Young Parents United Incorporated Opens an Office in Schenectady

Young Parents United, Inc., located at 34 Jay Street in Schenectady, is a newly established 501c3 nonprofit organization that offers programs and services designed to meet the unique needs of teen parents and their children. The organization’s Executive Director, Ginni Egan, a former teen parent, is a Registered Professional Nurse with more than 25 years of experience and has a Masters in Nonprofit Management and Leadership.

Egan recognizes the great need for programs and services to support adolescent parents in Schenectady County, as well as the need for advocacy and resource coordination in collaboration with other local organizations – to enhance utilization of all available resources for teen parents and their children. The organization focuses on key factors that are associated with improved outcomes for teen parents and its impact is intended to build independence, life and parenting skills among teen parents – resulting in stability and self-sufficiency and the transformation of unhealthy patterns through providing and guiding teen parents with the tools and to complete their education, obtain gainful employment, take good care of their children, and become healthy integrated members of society – a path to positive change.

Young Parents United looks forward to working with other human service and nonprofit organizations in the community to provide direction and support, promote a progressive approach for adolescent parents, and help to change the landscape for teen parents, their children and society for generations to come.