August 10, 2021

We Can’t Let COVID Win!

We have simply worked too hard and suffered too much over these past 17 months to turn back. A relatively stagnant vaccination rate and the news that the Capital Region is now in “substantial and high spread” due to the highly transmissible Delta variant should be a wake up call for all.

Each day we are presented with verifiable data that proves the vast majority of people who are experiencing significant impacts from contracting the virus are unvaccinated.

The business community has provided great leadership throughout the pandemic and our collective actions have mattered. Our work isn’t done.

As many area businesses plan for most of their staff to return from full or partial remote working after Labor Day, this new variant hits especially hard. Until more wide-spread vaccination, what can we in the business community do? The CDC advises a return to wearing masks indoors where numbers are rising until cases are under control. Now is the time for all Capital Region businesses to consider mandating or highly encouraging indoor masks at their business to provide an extra layer of protection to help reduce transmission until our numbers get under control. Even those who are fully vaccinated may still be able to transmit the Delta variant.

We must increase the vaccination rate in the Capital Region for our loved ones, neighbors, and colleagues that yearn for a safe environment and a return to normal. Vaccinations are the only way to put COVID out of business. If you haven’t yet, please get vaccinated…and encourage employees, co-workers, family and friends to get vaccinated. Let them know that getting the vaccine is safe, effective and accessible.

Each of us can make a difference to put this pandemic behind us. As a Chamber, business community, and a region, let’s lead by example and not wait for government mandates to act. Each of us doing our part will ensure we protect people, paychecks and jobs.

My best,

Mark N. Eagan, CCE
President and CEO
Capital Region Chamber