May 18, 2022

Voters Approve Albany Public Library Budget

Albany city residents voted today to approve a 2.5% increase in the tax levy to support the Albany Public Library. The 2022-23 budget was approved by a final vote of 2001 (yes) to 458 (no).

The approved 2022-23 library operating tax levy is $7,372,420. The owner of a $150,000 home in the city of Albany will pay about an extra $5.98 for the library in the next year. The estimated homestead rate for the 2022-23 library tax is $1.63 per $1,000 of assessed value.

“We are very pleased that residents voted to continue supporting Albany Public Library with their tax dollars,” said APL Interim Director Melanie Metzger. “The budget approval allows us to continue current library operations, facilities, and services in this climate of rising costs for utilities, materials, and supplies. The Albany Public Library leaders, staff, and trustees truly appreciate the confidence and support our community has in its libraries.”

Also tonight, four new trustees were elected to the library board: Lynette D. Robinson, Andrea C. West, Paige A. Barnum, and Sarah Macinski. Their terms begin in July.

The place order, candidates, and vote totals were:
1. Lynette D. Robinson with 1,061 votes
2. Andrea C. West with 1,012 votes
3. Paige A. Barnum with 949 votes
4. Sarah Macinski with 887 votes
5. Carlos Velasquez with 750 votes
6. Kristen Broschinsky with 688 votes
7. Gene Damm with 611 votes
8. Kevin Whitehead with 560 votes
9. Tabora D. Marcus with 555 votes
10. Ford P.R. McLain with 379 votes