March 7, 2022

Urbane Beauty Co. Opens in Latham

The Chamber took part in a ribbon cutting for Urbane Beauty Co. in Latham on Friday, March 4th.  The Chamber was joined by Ambassadors, local elected officials, the business community and many more for the event.

Ashley Austin RN, is a mother of two beautiful children who are now twelve and seven. They are her purpose and inspiration daily to lead by example and always try a little bit harder. As a
Registered Nurse she set out to help people, and upon entering the field, very early on felt as though she wasn’t really helping people, but participating in a failing system. This realization led her to really dig deep, and think about what she truly wanted to do, and the environment she wanted to work in. She began to think back to my childhood and what my natural talents and interests were, so that she might be able to find an area that would feel less like work and would experience more joy and passion. As the second of 10 children, she remembers always being interested in beauty and the sister that would cut hair, wax, do makeup, and get her sisters ready for school dances. She discovered microblading and was very interested in pursuing it as a career. She took that leap of faith and it opened up the world of beauty, while allowing her to also use her RN to enhance the experience of each of the patients, and also own her own business which was always something
she wanted. From the moment this decision was made she has truly felt like she was on the right path, and felt fulfillment. She began taking training after training to ensure she was equipped with all the knowledge necessary to achieve the best outcomes for her patients. Still today nearly 5 years later she continues to train in this ever evolving industry both nationally and internationally as well as become a trainer herself.

In December, with a growing team and due to some barriers such as parking with lack of visibility the decision was made to move the business from Downtown Albany to Latham,. Also, after gaining quite a few services, she can now be classified as a Med Spa and needed a different layout to accommodate our patients and service providers. The reason Latham was chosen is because of its central location, and the available space was just off of the highway making it very accessible. The brand new space was in alignment with our modern aesthetic, and gave us the opportunity to really be thoughtful in designing the space. It is also such a bonus to have a parking lot again making it a much better experience for our patients.

The new space is very unique in that early on we decided to create a collaboration with premium artists in the industry, creating a “one stop shop” with the highest quality of services, as well as having a classroom on premise to provide education to aspiring artists. Upstate Hair Extension studio’s owner Sarah Ashley Panzarella helped develop this concept in its earliest stages, and has a studio within our space offering luxury hair extension services, as well as being an educator herself. We also have 3 rental suites in our space that are currently getting filled (more to come) that will offer different services to compliment what is currently here, again with highly qualified individuals.

Patients/clients can expect to experience a very modern looking establishment, with premium services performed with highly educated industry leaders and the highest quality products creating the very best result. Professionalism, female empowerment, and high standards are driving forces in our business. The experience is meant to be inviting and comfortable for everyone entering Urbane’s doors.

All ribbon cuttings are sponsored by Saratoga National Bank and Trust Company.