June 12, 2019

Thistle Be Perfect Artisan Boutique Opens in Glenville

The Chamber, its Ambassadors, local officials, artisans, friends and family all joined Cassie to celebrate the opening of her new boutique, Thistle Be Perfect in the Town of Glenville on June 12.

Thistle Be Perfect Artisan Boutique has an eclectic variety of artisans with items ranging from woodworking, rustic handcrafted lamps, rustic Adirondack style décor, artwork in oil, watercolor, and ink sketching, handcrafted spa and soaps, candles, Antiques and repurposed furniture, handcrafted jewelry, etched glassware, handcrafted pet items, minerals and fossils, children’s clothing and accessories, paper craft, whimsical décor, and the artwork of the famous children’s book, Pete the Cat.

The Owners are artisans themselves and the mission of the boutique is to create a space for artisans, crafters, customers and community to learn, grow, and empower the arts and the entrepreneurial spirit. The owner has spent her life in a family owned business and understands the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Her desire to have her own business overpowered her longtime career in counseling and nonprofit work. She always had crafting as her pastime and decided to make it a career.

The owner states: “It is rare to find a place that focuses on handcrafted items. As a crafter, I understand the time and love that goes into each piece. We are so excited provide that to the community. I have worked in the community and see what arts and skills such as welding or woodworking can do as a form of therapy and healing. I have also seen that it can enhance learning, community relations, and we need more of that. The Handcrafting arts are dwindling and I want to revive that by providing our artists with a platform for their business and by allowing them the platform to teach their talent to the community through classes.”

The boutique also provides a place for people to find a one of a kind gift to give to others. People enjoy that one of a kind gift and everyone has that one person who has everything. The boutique gives people a unique shopping experience and since its opening on May 1, many of the shoppers have stated that “now I know where to come for a present when I need one.” They also have stated that “this is much needed in this community and it’s a great destination.”

One of our artisans says “giving a handcrafted gift is today’s equivalent of writing a hand written letter to someone.”

The vision of the boutique is that people will leave satisfied with the feeling that they have experienced great artisans, the inspiration for the artisan within them, and the unique gift that will put a smile on the face of whomever they give it to.

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