May 29, 2018

TechHub Spaces Opens its Showroom on Railroad Avenue in Albany

The Chamber was honored to be part of the grand opening of the TechHub Spaces™ showroom on May 23. TechHub provides a modern, innovative approach to handling IT for large companies and is an expansion of EP&M, which incorporates an engaging environment, on-site staffing and amazing software analytics that document productivity gains and IT savings. Gene Lindman started EP&M International in 1991, designing and producing exhibit displays, permanent corporate installations and events. EP&M has completed projects at thousands of US locations and at 220 overseas venues to date and has received numerous design awards.

The TechHub Spaces Lab is centrally located in Albany of Railroad Avenue, providing easy access to Interstates 87 and 90.  The Lab serves as a full-service showroom for potential clients to visit and use the functions of a TechHub space in real time.

TechHub Spaces combines a corporate environment, software analytics and expert staff to create a centralized, one-stop shop for employees’ IT needs. The new Lab provides potential customers the opportunity to experience the many elements of this collaborative IT space. Visitors can see firsthand how a TechHub Space tranforms the corporate IT culture from a remote call center or help desk, to an efficient, on-site, employee focused model. The interactive Lab highlights features such as a vending machine for IT periphals, self-training station, product display, device charging station and utilizes software analytics to measure employee productivity and cost savings. With a dynamic central location and framework for employees to engage directly with IT staff, employee data is captured and recorded with real-time analytics which provides a new level of business intelligence.

TechHub Spaces delivers a win-win for companies and their employees.  Businesses experience reduced IT operating costs and improved productivity. Employees gain instant access to IT experts making them more efficient.  The TechHub Spaces mission is to connect, educate and create employee experiences while enhancing business value.  To date, TechHub Spaces has created over 100 collaborative environments in 24 countries worldwide.