June 1, 2020

Statement on Recent Acts of Hate, Discrimination and Injustice

(June 1, 2020) – Racism and injustice cannot be tolerated. These acts condemn many in our communities to live with fear, apprehension and anxiety that have been allowed to persist for far too long. Our Chamber condemns these and all acts of hate, discrimination and injustice, and join so many others in their sorrow, anger and commitment to action.

We have already seen this commitment to change play out in the many peaceful protests across our community this weekend. Our neighbors standing in solidarity, willing to say enough is enough and working to drive a better future together. This moment provides an opportunity to recognize our respective roles in how we came to this place, and to advance the discourse in a way that creates a better community for all who live here. While the anger and frustration are understandable and valid, the destruction of our community at the hands of a select few will neither advance the cause of justice nor ensure that a better future is realized.

At this critical juncture, we must stand together to collectively speak out against systemic oppression. I ask you to join us in this effort and to take your own steps to push back against racism and injustice to help drive meaningful and lasting change that ALL of our communities deserve.

In unity,

Mark N. Eagan, CCE
President and CEO
Capital Region Chamber