June 24, 2015

Schoharie County to Offer a Unique Beverage Trail

Craft Mead, Wine, Beer and Spirits producers in Schoharie County are proud to announce the creation and launch of the Schoharie County Beverage Trail.  Representatives from local producers will gather on the lawn of the American Hotel in Sharon Springs, NY at 2:30pm on Thursday, June 25, 2015 to officially launch the county’s beverage trail.  With four unique destinations, there is something for everyone on the Schoharie County Beverage Trail.

The trail, which is officially recognized by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, runs from Richmondville to Charlotteville and Fultonham to Middleburgh.  Joining the beverage producers this Thursday and speaking on behalf of the Schoharie County Beverage Trail are several distinguished guests including:  Assemblyman Pete Lopez, Senator Jim Seward, US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s office, Commissioner of NYS Agriculture and Markets Richard Ball and NYS Food and Agriculture Deputy Secretary Patrick Hooker.

“The Schoharie County Beverage Trail is the realization of hard work, collaboration and cooperation between these four Schoharie County producers. We are so excited to offer a trail that not only promotes local agriculture but creates a unique tourism draw which will encourage people from outside our County and the region to come and stay in Schoharie County,” says Lori Wortz, owner of KyMar Farm Winery and Distillery and President of Schoharie County Beverage Trail.

Currently the trail has four founding members and two founding affiliate members.  Members include KyMar Farm Winery and Distillery in Charlotteville, Green Wolf Brewing Co. in Middleburgh, Royal Meadery in Richmondville and Barber’s Farm Distillery in Fultonham.  Two founding affiliate members include Under the Nose in Middleburgh and Schoharie County Tourism.

KyMar Farm Winery and Distillery, located in Charlottevile, NY is the first licensed farm winery and farm distillery in Schoharie County since prohibition.  Owner, Head Winemaker and Head Distiller Ken Wortz, partners with local growers to source only the best ingredients used to ferment, distill, age and bottle on site at its newly expanded 20,000 sf production facility, tasting room and store.  KyMar currently has five spirits and wine available and will introduce an additional two wines and three spirits in 2015, including its sorghum based StoryHouse Vodka which celebrates the great history of its tasting room and production facility. “We are pleased to be working with the producers in Schoharie County to not only position ourselves as artisans of hand crafted beverages, but also as a tourist destination Schoharie County can be proud of,” says Ken Wortz.  KyMar’s tasting room is open Friday through Sunday from 12 noon to 6pm.  Complimentary tours of their production facility are offered throughout the day.   Contact Ken Wortz;

Green Wolf Brewing Co. located in Middleburgh, NY is the only brewery and tap room in Schoharie County. Located on Main Street, Green Wolf offers over eight beers in a relaxing, brew pub atmosphere.  Local entertainment is scheduled regularly and guests can enjoy their brew and snacks in Green Wolf’s brand new Beer Garden.  Justin Behan, Brewmaster and manager of the Tap Room, sources much of the key ingredient, hops, from local growers in Middleburgh and Fulton.  “We take pride in bringing locally grown Schoharie County agriculture from the field to the glass.  We are proud to be creating employment opportunities while promoting local agriculture.  As near as we can tell, we have farmers growing grains and hops exclusively for beverage production for the first time in Schoharie County since 1953” says Behan.  Green Wolf’s tap room is open Thursday through Sunday.    Contact Justin Behan;

Royal Meadery located in Richmondville, NY, recently celebrated its Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting.  Royal Meadery is the vision of Gregory Wilhelm’s passion for home brewing and beekeeping.  As Head Meadmaker, Greg creates high-quality meads using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.  In addition to honey obtained from Greg’s bees, Royal Meadery partners with local farms to source its wildflower honey.  “I’m proud to be one of the founding members of the Beverage Tail.  Having just opened to the public for the first time this month, we are looking forward to continuing our work with the other producers to not only highlight our products, but to promote Schoharie County as a destination,” says Greg.  Royal Meadery currently offers three innovative meads with five additional meads planned for release throughout 2015. Royal Meadery’s tasting room is open each Saturday from 12 noon to 5pm.    Contact Greg Wilhelm;

Barber’s Farm Distillery, located in Fultonham, NY, will release its 1857 Potato Vodka this summer. Using potatoes grown on the 158 year old family farm, 1857 Potato Vodka is distilled and bottled by Barber’s Farm Distillery.  This farm-to-bottle journey begins at Barber’s Farm, where acres of rich farmland are devoted each year to growing potatoes for Barber’s Farm customers and for their vodka.  1857 Potato Vodka is the latest chapter for the continually evolving multi-generational farm.  Head Distiller, Elias Barber, says, “As the newest producer in Schoharie County, we look forward to opening to the public later this summer and joining the other producers on the trail.  Our farm and farm stand has been a destination for years in this county and this is an opportunity to share new destinations with our visitors as well as attract new ones coming from the other producers.”  Barber’s Farm Distillery is one of the only potato vodka producers in the world to grow its own potatoes on-site.  1857 Potato Vodka will be released this summer.    Contact Elias Barber;

About the trail, The Schoharie County Beverage Trail is a New York State certified Culinary Trail dedicated to creating distilled, brewed, and fermented beverages from locally grown ingredients exemplifying Schoharie County’s farm to table commitment. Along the trail you’ll have an opportunity to sample beverages produced by our local distilleries, wineries, meaderies and breweries, as well as shop and dine in businesses designated as Friends of the Trail. All trail members are committed to supporting community involvement, local commerce and farm to table. 

For more information, please contact email or visit individual member websites, noted above, while the beverage trail website is created. 

Schoharie County is located in Central New York and is midway between Albany and

Cooperstown. Its 600-square miles feature rolling hills, rich farmland, streams, lakes and scenic byways offer relaxing and fun getaways for the everyone.