March 2, 2018

Support our Boot Camp

The Chamber is very proud of our Entrepreneur Boot Camp, one of 23 such Entrepreneurial Assistant Program (EAP) Centers located around the state, which is funded in part by a grant from the state. The Chamber’s Boot Camp is an award-winning, intensive training program that guides would-be entrepreneurs and existing businesses through the step-by-step process of starting, operating and managing a business. We have strong partnerships with local colleges, lending institutions, the NYS Self-Employment Assistance Program, The Legal Project, the Women’s Employment & Resource Center, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Empire Justice Center, Minority and Women Business Enterprise organizations, veterans’ organizations and many others. With the resources of the Chamber and our many very talented instructors, we have seen hundreds of our graduates go on to lead very successful businesses.

The Chamber values the impact that our Boot Camp has had on our graduates and on our region. However, the funding that the state has provided has remained relatively flat over many years and we are at a point that we, along with the 23 other EAP Centers, do not believe that this program can be sustained without adequate funding from the state. Fortunately, the Chamber is leading a coalition of organizations dedicated to ensuring the continuation of our EAP Centers. Together, we have requested that the Legislature include an appropriate level of funding for our EAP Centers in this year’s budget. This program is much too important and the state must take action to support our EAP Centers. Because of you our voice is strong.