May 15, 2019

Public Service Commission Opens Door for Common Energy to Provide Lower-Cost Clean Energy to Businesses

Common Energy announced its money-saving energy program is now available for businesses, non-profits, and municipal electricity customers. Common Energy’s announcement allows these customers to take advantage of New York Public Service Commission’s April 18 order accelerating development of solar energy across the state. Previously, only residential electricity users had access to this lower-cost clean energy, but now it is also available to non-residential electricity users.

Supporting New York State’s community solar program since it began in 2017, Common Energy already serves residential electricity users across the state. Anticipating the Public Service Commission’s order, Common Energy expanded its offering to reduce energy costs for non-residential electricity users. Non-residential electricity users in the Capital Region, Hudson Valley, North Country, Southern Tier, Mohawk Valley, and Western New York can now save money and reduce carbon emissions with Common Energy.

One of the businesses that is already receiving the benefits of lower-cost clean energy from Common Energy is Clay Pond Farms Business Center in Greenport NY. Owner of the Business Center, Joe Kenneally, said, “Every business needs electricity. There’s no sense in paying higher prices when Common Energy provides electricity from clean, local sources for less money. This wasn’t a hard decision and I’m already saving. “

Solarize Albany is a nonprofit serving the communities of the Capital Region, to promote the use of renewable energy with consumers in mind. Co-Founder and Chair of Solarize Albany, Bill Reinhardt, said, “In addition to advantages in value and quality of experience, Common Energy has existing solar farms in Oppenheim and Johnstown, so electricity consumers don’t need to wait for construction.”

People of Albany United for Safe Energy (PAUSE) is a grassroots organization promoting safe, sustainable energy and environmental justice. Founder of PAUSE, Diana Wright, said, “Every electricity user that enrolls with Common Energy saves money and reduces dangerous carbon pollution by thousands of pounds annually. Common Energy’s existing solar farms allow anyone who pays an electricity bill to save money and make a positive environmental impact in minutes.”

Common Energy’s Vice President of Sales, Justin Rostant, said, “Common Energy is committed to reducing the amount electricity customers pay for energy. With the recent order from the Public Service Commission, we can bring the benefits of lower-cost clean energy from local solar farms to business, non-profits, and municipal electricity customers in addition to residential customers.”

Common Energy is already seeing strong response from businesses. In support of its mission to save money for electricity customers and reduce pollution, the company plans to continue expanding its outreach across the state to serve more electricity users of all types.