November 28, 2018

Member Spotlight: Wolf Hollow Brewing Company

Wolf Hollow Brewing Company began in the hills of West Glenville brewing on a small half barrel brew system only opening for a few hours on Thursday evenings for growler fills in the West Glenville Grange. No taproom, no pints, no bottles, no cans. As Wolf Hollow beer increased in popularity, WHBC moved to open a new 7 barrel brew system and Taproom on Route 5 in Glenville in the summer of 2015. Production increased significantly with this move (from 80 gallons per week to 435) and then doubled again approximately one year later.

Since then, with the addition of a few more fermenters, Wolf Hollow has been brewing almost 1,000 gallons per week. This increased production has allowed more opportunities for growth, including a brand new canning operation to change how beer lovers can enjoy the beer. Wolf Hollow hired a mobile canning unit from Iron Heart Canning Company to start a new era of Wolf Hollow beer. In September, the flagship Wolf Hollow Amber was canned and the District 6 IPA followed in November. Wolf Hollow has plans for a new beer each month for the next year, including the winter seasonal Lock 9 AM Vanilla Coffee Porter in December and the District 12 Double IPA in February. Cans will come in either a 6-pack of 12 oz. cans or a 4-pack of 16 oz. cans and are available for purchase in the Wolf Hollow taproom any time the brewery is open. This past Veterans Day, Wolf Hollow Brewing Company celebrated its 5-year anniversary.