September 28, 2020

Member Spotlight: True Synergy Coaching

Renee Purcell

True Synergy Coaching is the evolution of a previous business. Renee Purcell started teaching private, one-on-one yoga sessions and in the process, found that people would begin to open up about personal struggles, including relationship difficulties and past traumas. She wanted a way to help people connect in a way that they would see that they held the answers to their problems. That they held within themselves a way to touch their intuition and intrinsic knowing on these subjects. To get to the True Self that everyone already knows. Through this process, Renee discovered coaching as a way to help people do just that, and True Synergy Coaching was born.

True Synergy Coaching became a natural melding of her interests and talents, including yoga, mindfulness, teaching and coaching. They formed the legs and foundation of what she does and offers today.

Purcell grew up in the Capital Region. While she and her husband were drawn away for 11 years for school and work, they always intended to come home, so when the opportunity presented itself, they took it. Says Purcell, “The nicest thing about being here is not something that I can necessarily convey in words. It’s this feeling of home. The sights, the sounds, the people are all familiar, and we feel very comforted by that. It isn’t easy to communicate, but it’s just this satisfied exhale and sense of belonging. I love bumping into old neighbors or classmates and seeing fellow community members out and about.”

As a relatively new member of the Chamber, Purcell says she’s only just begun to sample all that is offered by the Chamber. She’s joined in on a couple of networking sessions and had the pleasure of meeting some great people. “I connected with a couple of folks outside of these events later and have started to form some great relationships. I have the honor to learn and grow with some amazing entrepreneurs and business folks in the Capital region. There is so much talent.”

When asked about what sets True Synergy Coaching apart, Purcell answered with “love.” “I’ve always believed that love can both conquer and heal. Maybe even conquer by healing. Either way, it’s not the usual way that business is done. Business usually holds a particular form, keeping space between the business and personal. But for me, my business is personal. As a mindfulness coach, I strive to embody the qualities of mindfulness in each encounter. When I can approach every meeting with love and compassion, I embody these qualities toward every being. With that comes the qualities of non-judgment, acceptance, gratitude, and generosity, among others. When I take on a client, I enter into a relationship with them and see them in their wholeness. We then work together to see that vision into reality. Love as a business platform tends to stand out. While not common or popular, it also makes good sense and has more relevant research to support the practice. Studies find that increased compassion improves workplace satisfaction, communication, and even performance. Love really does conquer all.”

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