June 11, 2024

Member Spotlight: Trampoline Designs

Trampoline Designs was founded in November 2003, and it recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. An interesting fact that most people might not know about the company is that it is a certified B Corp. The company’s name was inspired by watching children jump on a trampoline, observing the freedom and joy they experienced with each bounce. Similarly, the company aims to provide its clients with that same feeling of exhilaration when working together.

A fun and unique aspect of the business is its enthusiastic celebration of Halloween. The team’s inherent creativity and competitive spirit creates an impressive display of eccentric and DIY costumes and decorations every year. This tradition highlights the company’s vibrant and innovative culture.

The business is particularly known for its unforgettable combination of design and language, as well as the strong, enduring relationships it forms with clients. These relationships are built on mutual respect and appreciation, often lasting for many years. This reputation is due to the company’s passion for solving communication and design challenges in ways that delight audiences. The team is committed to going above and beyond for their clients, resulting in better creativity and outcomes. Long-term client relationships enable a deep understanding of their business and goals, further enhancing the quality of the work.

As an active member of the Capital Region’s business community, the company has utilized the Chamber as a valuable resource by attending mixers, seminars, presenting at seminars, and connecting with other members. These speaking engagements have allowed the business to discuss its work with fellow members, creating a beneficial network.

The favorite aspect of living and working in the Capital Region for the company is the lifestyle it offers, encompassing recreation and services. “Doing what we love, in a place that we love.”

A particularly memorable compliment from a client came from the Director of Admissions at SUNY Geneseo, who, after the company was awarded a large contract, remarked, “You occupied a space in our brains that we didn’t know existed.”