October 29, 2020

Member Spotlight: Thrive Fitness & Wellness, LLC

Thrive Fitness & Wellness was established in July of 2017. Located in Menands, they use programming and coaching to help the whole person, not just their fitness level. They consider the stressors in life including the stress of fitness, and work to build healthier habits by working with the individual and meeting them where they are at.

Specifically, they personalize each member’s fitness program/routine based upon what works for them. For example, if someone comes in asking to work out 5 days per week but in their Lifestyle Assessment it’s uncovered that they aren’t eating well, sleeping well, and are stressed out at work, the team at Thrive has them begin with two days of lower intensity, quality-focused exercises until they see a favorable response from the body.

Says co-founder Derek Gelato, “We have coached several of our average, everyday, non-competitive members at multiple powerlifting competitions just because they wanted to experience something new. With personally having a powerlifting background, I encouraged Thrivers to consider training for a powerlifting meet not unlike they might train for a 5k or half marathon race. In the last 3 years we have gone to five different competitions and have coached over 30 members.”

As a relatively new Chamber member, Gelato says he is excited to meet fellow members and help them with their fitness and wellness, especially those who aren’t currently working out and are trying to find the right program to help them get started.

For more information, visit or call 518.391.0891