November 8, 2022

Member Spotlight: Rem Digital Print & Mail Center Inc.

The Remmert family has been in the printing industry since 1993. They have evolved with the times and now include more than just off set printing. REM Digital Print & Mail Center Inc. has a full digital printing center as well as apparel and promotional items.

At Rem Digital Print is not just family run, it is also family pet friendly. On any given day you can stop in and see Ella, Teddy, Loiue, Corey or Ceasar.

One thing their business is known for, over their competitors, is their customer service, quality and pricing as well as the fastest turnaround time! They have long lasting relationships with numerous clients and meet or beat any local pricing.

Attending the Capital Region Chamber networking events has allowed REM to continue to make connections within the community and help grow their business as well as fellow members.

What they love most about living/working in the Capital Region is that the opportunities are endless.  Having so many cities in such a close proximity allows them to work even closer together to meet all goals.

The majority of their clients express how they are extremely happy to work with them for multiple reasons.  Mainly, because of how helpful and convenient they are. Here is an actual comment from an email they received from a customer:

“Just thought you should know that your prices and product are superior to any other printer we’re working with in NYS on this campaign.  In fact, you all are so competitive that we have been doing our statewide lit at your shop and moving it around the entire state because you outperform everyone.  I’ve given your contact info to our campaign firm, so they can come back to you for business in the future. Thank you for being great at what you do!”

So, whether you are starting, maintaining, or growing your business, to being able to get everything you need including business cards, apparel, window graphics, banners, mailers, tote bags, mugs, lawn signs etc. the list goes on!  REM Digital Printing really is a one stop shop!