May 13, 2021

Member Spotlight: Poricanin Law

Photo of Emina Poricanin

Emina Poricanin, President and CEO, Poricanin Law

Emina Poricanin formed Poricanin Law in February 2020, shortly before the pandemic hit the U.S. She left a large law firm where she was an equity partner to form her law firm and start developing a payroll software and tax management software. In addition to role as President and CEO of her law firm, she is also the Founder and President of Forework LLC, an employment technologies and counseling service.

As a millennial, Poricanin says she can appreciate the change that is happening in today’s workplaces and businesses. “Everything we do is very much focused on not only responding to and addressing the needs of our current clients, but also the needs of future decisionmakers and buyers of services/products.”

As a newer member of the Chamber, Poricanin is looking forward to becoming involved with the Chamber and the opportunities to interact with other like-minded and goal-oriented businesses and decisionmakers.

What is Poricanin’s favorite part about living/working in the Capital Region? “Accessibility. Living and being headquartered in the Capital Region, we are centrally located to everything, from New York City to the Adirondacks, and we are steps away from the Capitol, which allows us to better understand and hear about new laws and regulations that are coming down the pipe, which may impact our clients and consumers’ needs. With today’s technology, however, we can be wherever our clients and consumers need us to be. “