February 16, 2022

Member Spotlight: OrbitalFire Cybersecurity

Reg Harnish

Reg Harnish, CEO, OrbitalFire Cybersecurity

Reg Harnish founded OrbitalFire Cybersecurity in June of 2020 with the goal of serving as an “all-in-one” cybersecurity provider exclusively dedicated to protecting small businesses. Whether someone needs protection from ransomware, wire fraud, theft and breaches or assistance managing and complying with regulatory requirements, Reg and the OrbitalFire team can help!

Says Harnish, “We’re not nerds, we are businesspeople who just happen to love cybersecurity. A big part of our success comes from understanding our customers’ business missions. We help them make better decisions because we approach cybersecurity from a business perspective.” He goes on to say that since many investments in cybersecurity are made by large businesses and enterprises and all the tools are built for enterprises, OrbitalFire is 100% dedicated to serving the small business community and meeting their needs.

As someone born and raised in the Capital Region, Harnish enjoys all that #CapNY has to offer and as a newer Chamber member, is excited to connect at upcoming events!