September 5, 2019

Member Spotlight: Market Pops LLC

Market Pops LLC was founded in July 2018 by Heidi Nathanielsz. She began selling ice pops in May 2019 after taking the Chamber’s Entrepreneur Bootcamp in the Fall of 2018 and winning the business plan competition! Nathanielsz has used this network of entrepreneurs as a sounding board and resource as she builds her business. Now, as a Chamber member, she continues to participate in Chamber networking events and looks forward to ongoing educational opportunities for business and leadership development as she scales her business.

Known for fresh ingredients and fun, sometimes unexpected flavor combinations, Nathanielsz strives to make every interaction with customers a joyful one! The abundance of incredible, locally grown food is a key part of Mark Pops’ success. “The Capital Region is a very community-minded place to live, with numerous opportunities for people to connect, eat, drink, and play,” says Nathanielsz.

What keeps customers coming back week after week to try all the flavors? It could be the ingredients sourced from local farms and other farmers’ market vendors, like fruit, honey, lavender, coffee, and dairy. Parents especially love the small touches of a drip cup under the pop and free hand wipes. “They can tell I’ve raised a couple of kids.”

What’s the nicest thing a customer has ever said about Mark Pops? Says Nathanielsz “I do get called a genius on a regular basis for my cupcake liner/drip cup trick! But my favorite compliment is when the chefs at the markets come over and tell me they love my pops. As a die-hard foodie and want to be chef, I’m always thrilled when I can please a chef’s palette. “

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