October 15, 2020

Member Spotlight: Mabey’s

Laura Blass, center, with her father, Robert Mabey, receiving the Milt Hill Award. This is a national level award for Quality, given only to companies that provide outstanding reliability and demonstrate overall operational excellence.

Mabey’s started as a local moving company in Chatham, NY in 1957. In the 1980s, we moved our base of operations to Rensselaer, NY near I-90. Today, Mabey’s has seven locations throughout the Capital Region.

Mabey’s is proud to be recognized as a woman owned business. Laura Mabey Blass has been running our local office here in Rensselaer, NY since 2007. Laura’s father, Robert Mabey, introduced her to the moving business at a very young age. She would go out on the trucks, packing and inventorying. She spent time in the warehouse, unloading trucks, checking off shipments and even driving the forklifts when needed. As Laura grew up, she would later help in the office, selling moves and working with our customers.

For many years, before taking a lead spot at the moving company, Laura ran Mabey’s Self-Storage companies for her father, Robert Mabey, and acted as our Treasurer for the moving company. In the early 2000s, Laura’s sister, Patricia Mabey-Weleski, needed some helping running things. Laura was honored to jump in and help run the family business. Since then, Laura has served as our head of finance, working full time, right here at our local Mabey’s.

There is something very special about the culture we have built here. We value each of our employees as we would our own family. They are what make us great, they are what separates us from every other moving company out there. We live by a customer first philosophy and enjoy a down to earth, family-oriented work atmosphere. We do this so our employees in turn will treat our customers like family.

Mabey’s is proud to participate in the Chamber’s Business Referral Groups (BRGs), job placement opportunities and business networking functions. We were also happy to support the Harry Apkarian Memorial Chamber Golf Classic via sponsorship for the past two years.

Working in the Capital Region connects us all to a network of remarkable businesspeople. There are very few places, if any, that can match our region for its politics, diverse marketplace and continuous innovation.”