June 13, 2019

Member Spotlight: JDog Junk Removal & Hauling Empire

L to R: Ray Gagnon, Tiffany Orner, and RJ Gagnon

In this week’s member spotlight we highlight JDog Junk Removal & Hauling Empire. The Schenectady Franchise was founded in 2016 by Ray Gagnon, who is also Chair of the Chamber’s Unified Military Affairs Council (UMAC) Steering Committee. The business is American Owned and Veteran Operated. Half of the staff are veterans and the other half have close family members who have served.

The mission of JDog is to empower, serve and protect. They empower veterans by creating an opportunity for them to serve their community, the military way, with respect, integrity, and trust. They serve their community by partnering with local organizations like Habitat for Humanity, The Veterans & Community Housing Coalition, and local chapters of St. Jude, American Red Cross and Veterans Miracle Center! Lastly, they protect the environment. Only 20%-30% of all of the material and junk they collect ever touches a landfill!

When asked what JDog is known for, Tiffany Orner, Business Development Manager for JDog and U.S. Air Force Veteran says “Veteran Advocacy. Many JDoggers are involved within the Veteran Community through multiple organizations like UMAC, Saratoga Chamber’s Veteran Business Council, Veterans & Community Housing Coalition, Veteran’s Miracle Center, Department of Defense’s ESGR etc.”

Tiffany also adds that she and her colleague, Walter Thorne, both Ambassadors at the Capital Region Chamber, enjoy networking at Chamber events every month and encourage other others to do the same.