January 23, 2020

Member Spotlight: id29

id29 participates in Pioneer Golf Tournamentid29 was founded by Doug Bartow and Michael Fallone in 2003. Located above Revolution Hall at 425 River Street in Troy, id29 occupies two floors in the former C&C Collars factory building, which was built in 1892.

Most people are surprised to learn about the variety of companies we work with, from large to small, and global to local. We are proud to have designed and executed brand, creative and digital marketing campaigns for a number of great Capital Region firms, including Bestpass, Crystal IS, Pioneer Bank and SI Group, among many others. We have also worked with some of the world’s iconic brands and executives, developing and implementing the integrated marketing campaign behind “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” the final installment of the Harry Potter book series; repositioning and relaunching PUMA Golf and Cobra Golf; and collaborating with AOL founder Steve Case. No matter whom we’re working with, our mission is the same: to provide major-league expertise, capabilities and resources that produce results.

We do spectacular creative and design work that is always informed by an intelligent, well-thought-out and customized strategy. Great design alone is not enough; for an identity or brand campaign to truly make an impact, it has to start with a smart approach tailored to meeting a client’s needs and goals. id29 excels in that regard, and then backs it up by providing impeccable customer service.

We regard marketing and branding as a strategic asset essential to helping an organization achieve its goals. Our proven process of building an intelligent foundation at the outset enables us to deliver creative and progressive work that is laser-focused on meeting a client’s needs and, most importantly, produces results. And while our work is always relevant, we have a knack for coming up with unique and unexpected approaches to convey ideas and deliver messages, helping our clients to stand out in a crowded marketplace where far too many marketing campaigns look and sound the same.
The best thing about the Chamber is how easy they make it for businesses to connect with each other. That’s especially important to us; we spend so much time helping our clients market themselves that we have to remind ourselves to do the same for our business! From networking opportunities to leads groups to larger programs and events, there is something for every business to take advantage of, and we are looking forward to ramping up our involvement in the Chamber this year.

The Capital Region is home to us, not only as a business but also as people. Many of us have lived in other places, but there’s something special about the Capital Region: when you’re here, you feel like it’s where you belong. There’s a sense of community and a spirit of collaboration that is the right fit for us as individuals, and with more than 15 successful years under our belts and plans for significant growth in the future, it’s definitely the right place for id29.

What’s the nicest thing a client has ever said to id29? “We had been working closely with a client for nearly two years, helping them to define their identity, create and build their brand, and gain traction in their industry. The firm was subsequently acquired by a much larger company, at a price significantly higher than expected. Following that acquisition, the CEO told me a large part of the reason they were targeted was because of the strength of their brand. It was gratifying to know we had achieved what we set out to do with every client: provide brand, creative and digital marketing that’s grounded in strategy and delivers results.”