January 19, 2023

Member Spotlight: Hive Of Hope

Hive Of Hope was established on August 17, 2021 in Albany, NY.  The honeybee serves as the theme for Hive Of Hope because in his early days of sobriety, owner & CEO, Nathan Writer experienced a series of serendipitous events surrounding honeybees that could only be explained by the existence of a higher power and made it impossible for him to go on denying God. The beehive is also very symbolic of Hive Of Hope’s mission. Much like honeybees work selflessly together to ensure the continuation of the hive, Hive Of Hope members are encouraged to work selflessly together to ensure the continuation of their sobriety.

Hive Of Hope is the Capital Region’s first and only home for sober entertainment. They have built a reputation of going above and beyond to ensure their members feel so loved, proud, and happy in sobriety that the thought of using becomes obsolete. This past summer, the Hive Of Hope team had a blast hosting a water balloon dodgeball tournament!

Rather than focusing on what is wrong with their members and trying to treat them, they help their members understand the value they bring by exposing and harvesting their strengths to empower them to make a difference in the world.

Although new to the Chamber, membership has already paid substantial dividends. Attendance at Chamber events has resulted in relationships with other businesses and possible funding sources that are invaluable to a start-up nonprofit like Hive Of Hope. Additionally, the Chamber’s coordination of our ribbon cutting substantially exceeded my expectations and resulted in speeches from several high-ranking officials, multiple media outlets, and a standing room only crowd. Their favorite part about living in the Capital Region is the diversity of people and the changing seasons.

One of their clients had the kindest words to say, “Hive Of Hope has been a staple in my recovery. While its mission is so important, the people are really the key in my opinion. Hive Of Hope has showed me I belong, I matter, and I am loved.” Bryan C., Hive Of Hope Member and Volunteer.