May 10, 2023

Member Spotlight: Growthster

Growthster was founded in 2019 in Schenectady, NY.  An interesting fact about their business most people don’t know is although they are headquartered in NY and MA, their team consists of experts working daily with them around the world.  They may be a digital marketing company, but you’ll find them using analog technology every day like whiteboards, pen & paper, and more!

One thing Growthster is known for, over their competitors is they are leaders in the area of Revenue Operations, also known as RevOps. Revenue Operations (RevOps) is defined as the holistic alignment of sales, marketing, and customer experience into an efficient system with revenue goals at its core. Growthster is known in the RevOps industry for its agility and efficiency. Each client receives exactly what they need to grow their revenue. Among other strategies, they use a proprietary system developed by founder, Zafar Ahmed, to generate meaningful sales opportunities for their clients.

As new members, “we are just beginning our journey with the Chamber, but are looking forward to tapping into its network to engage with more businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions in our region.”

Their favorite part about living/working in the Capital Region is, “The Capital Region is the nucleus of New York’s “Tech Valley,” and we are excited to provide professional services among this growing community of high-tech manufacturers and ancillary businesses. Moreover, our region has an educated and talented community, making working within it a true pleasure. Being able to enjoy all of the benefits of urban life with amazing natural resources so close by…what could be better?!”

One of the nicest things a client has said about their services is, “Zafar puts his all into the work he produces, which results in excellence. Everything from strategy through execution is done with care, passion and hard work. He’s knowledgeable and knows how to educate the people he works with at the highest caliber. Zafar and his team are one of our key strategic partners and will be for a very long time to come.”