August 1, 2019

Member Spotlight: Dance Fire Studio

Natalia O’Connor and Florin Vlad

Think you have two left feet? This week’s member spotlight, Dance Fire Studio in Niskayuna, is here to help! Founded in 2017 by Natalia O’Connor and Florin Vlad, Dance Fire Studio was created to deliver the highest level of dance instruction as well as a variety of fitness classes suited for everyone.

Natalia O’Connor is a professionally trained ballroom dancer who has performed and competed across the world on the amateur circuit since the age of 10. O’Connor has won various awards and toured extensively during her career in the industry. She has worked as an instructor in many places around the country and world, including Russia, Romania, Louisiana, New York, Delaware, Maryland and Vermont.

Florin Vlad, originally from Romania, is a world-renowned competitive ballroom dancer and a multiple US National DanceSport finalist, currently ranked 5th in the country. Together with his dance partner, Natalia O’Connor, he successfully represented USA at 5 World Championships.

In addition to offering individual and couple memberships, Dance Fire Studio also offers wedding dance packages and will help create a tailored choreography that suits you. There’s also a specialized Ballroom Kids Program for kids 6-12 years old, of which Florin and Natalia are particularly proud.

Florin and Natalia have unmatched passion for the art of dance and offering people the best possible experience while guiding them to achieve their goals, whether it’s having fun, preparing for an event, reconnecting with their significant other, or competing on a national stage.

Says Florin, “Ever since we started planning for the studio, the Chamber has been of tremendous help in realizing our vision. As Chamber members, we attend as many of the events as possible, including Network by 9, Maximize your Membership, as well as WBC and YPN events. As the Studio Manager, I also participated in the YPN Executive Mentorship program, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Being new to the area and not knowing anyone when starting a new business was quite frightening. However, being part of the Capital Region Chamber has made us feel part of a large, united family.”

Florin goes on to say that they receive a lot of positive comments about their dance classes and lessons. However, the nicest thing was when one client after competing for the first time with her instructor said with tears in her eyes: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me realize my childhood dream of being a ballroom dancer!” She came in 1st in her dance competition!

Learn more about Dance Fire Studio and their various classes on their website: