March 12, 2020

Member Spotlight: Community Cancer Prevention in Action (CPiA)

Cancer Prevention in Action teamCommunity Cancer Prevention in Action (CPiA) is a new program serving Fulton, Montgomery and Schenectady counties. St Mary’s Healthcare in Amsterdam, NY was awarded this program from the New York State Department of Health in October of 2018.

CPiA is a unique program that helps businesses and organizations prevent cancer through cancer prevention strategies at no cost. We welcome developing community partnerships with public and private sector businesses/organizations to work toward creating cancer prevention policies where we work, live and play. We help businesses take action against cancer by developing a paid time off benefit for their employees to get their recommended cancer screenings, we work with partners to provide cancer prevention education to their staff, we’re often at community events talking about sun safety, and more. A fun fact about CPiA is that our social media video education series highlights a character by the name of “Ravishing Ray” who managed to capture the attention of more than 18,000 viewers! Check out what Ravishing Ray and preventing skin cancer is all about at

We are new members to the Chamber and look forward to networking with other members. Last year, we worked with the following organizations and businesses focused on cancer prevention: The City of Amsterdam, Creative Minds Childcare, Fulmont Community Action Agency and St. Mary’s Institute. We are looking forward to working with more partners in the coming year.

We recently attended the Chamber’s Maximize Your Membership program and enjoyed learning about all the wonderful resources and events the Chamber offers. Our favorite part about working in the Capital Region is exploring the communities we serve in Fulton, Montgomery and Schenectady to reduce the cancer burden.