June 20, 2019

Member Spotlight: Baby’s Debut 3D/4D Imaging

Shannon Nelson founded Baby’s Debut 3D/4D Imaging in 2013 and has locations in New Hartford/Utica, Syracuse and most recently, Albany. All three locations offer an elective ultrasound experience available in a spa and theater environment. In addition to offering gender determination at 15 weeks, they also offer HD, which provides an even more real look to the photos.

Says Shannon, “What we do every day brings joy to mom and dads, their family and friends. A baby is a blessing and a miracle and to be able to see that baby move and smile, wave, or stick out his or her tongue is amazing to me every time I see it. Nine months is a long time, so to be able to see the baby before its born is incredible. We can sometimes see if the baby looks like mom, dad or siblings.”

What does Shannon love about living and working in the Capital Region? The fact that there is always so much going on. She goes on to say that she joined the Chamber to be able to network and meet more people in the area. Specifically, she enjoyed attending Women of Excellence in May and was inspired by all six, incredible women.

Interested in learning more about Baby’s Debut? Contact Shannon at or attend her ribbon cutting on July 9.